Privacy Policy

 Privacy Unveiled: Our Promise to Maintain Your Digital Sanctum

From Speedhub, greetings!

At the core of our virtual sanctuary, we value the stories we tell just as much as your privacy. A sneak peak into our digital protocol is provided here

1. Data Dance, Not Takeover:

We carefully gather bits of data, such your name, email address, and maybe even a rough idea of where you are, only to create a customized ballet of material, never to launch an invasion.

2. The Invisible Shield: Encryption

Your data is protected from prying eyes by an encryption cloak. Think of it as your digital equivalent of an invisible protector.

3. Cookies: A Delightful Harmony:

Our purpose in using cookies is to enhance your experience, not to give you a sugar rush. Control the cookies that you want like a conductor adjusting the volume in a symphony.

4. Diplomacy by Third Parties:

Through our links, you may venture into third-party domains; nevertheless, we bear no liability for their contents. Proceed with caution.

5. The Unsharing Vault:

Your private information is sacred. We do not carelessly spill them or trade them for virtual currency. Our currency is trust.

6. Timeless Knowledge:

Although our stories are ageless, this is not a kid's play area on our blog. We don't gather data from solar cycles that are shorter than 13.

7. Policy Metamorphosis:

See how our haven of seclusion has developed. Any policy changes will be announced, so openness will always be a part of our relationship.

Think of this as a digital handshake, a contract between storytellers and tale readers, as you navigate our virtual hallways. If you have any queries or concerns, please email us at 

Debuting on 25/01/24


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